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FireShield AAY/LAY - successful full-scale fire-test

FireShield AAY/LAY - successful full-scale fire-test

Nordisk has successfully completed a full-scale fire-test of the FireShield AAY/LAY main container, conducted by a highly accredited European test center, in accordance with paragraph 6.3 of ISO 19281:2016, “Air Cargo – Fire resistant containers – Design, performance and testing requirements”.

Containing a Class A fire for 6 hours

The latest addition to the FireShield family, FireShield AAY/LAY was packed with 78 corrugated cardboard boxes that contained shredded paper. One box was set on fire to simulate a Class A fire, and the fire-resistant container must contain the fire for a minimum of six hours.

782°C inside, 34°C outside

The FireShield AAY/LAY container performed according to plan. Inside the container, a temperature of 782°C was reached in the first 5 minutes after ignition. During the testing period, the maximum surface temperature at a distance of 100mm was 34°C. In addition, no flame penetration (burn-through) occurred over the 6 hour period.

FireShield containers by Nordisk

Demand by airlines and integrators for fire-resistant containers has been increasing over recent years. Nordisk is determined to continue to play its part in designing solutions that enable airlines to transport dangerous goods safely and are working on more new additions to the FireShield family.

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