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Nordisk Classic

Nordisk DPE/DPN

Nordisk DPE/DPN

The DPE/DPN is a non-certified container for the Boeing 767.

The standard Nordisk DPE is a single base, all aluminium container with blue lightweight 3-strap fabric door. Alternate product configurations, like the forkliftable version with fabric door shown to the right, are available. Please see product options listed below:

Product options:

  • Red 3-strap lightweight fabric door
  • Blue or red fabric door with removable straps
  • Security door with a single bar and from 0 to 3 side hooks
  • Bi-fold metal door
  • Forkliftable base
  • Transparent shear panels (Polycarbonate)
  • Extra wall or roof stiffeners
  • GOH provision
Technical Specifications
NAS3610 class   N/A
Nordisk P/N   126510-1()
Base size 1534 x 1194 mm 60.4 x 47 in
Height 1625 mm 64 in
Roof length 1562 mm 61.5 in
Max. gross weight 1225 kg 2700 lb
Internal volume 3.5 cu m 124 cu ft
External volume 3.8 cu m 134 cu ft
Door opening 1055 x 1532 mm 41.5 x 60.3 in
Tare weight from 67 kg 148 lb
The DPE is also available with forkliftable base (DPN)
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